National Merit Scholars

It takes hard work and dedication to become a National Merit Scholar Finalist or Semi-Finalist.

Academic Boosters celebrates this achievement by treating of Solon High School Students who earn this distinction with a delicious lunch.

On November 2nd, Academic Boosters hosted 61 National Merit Scholars for a special lunch celebration at The Rusty Bucket. The students ordered off a limited menu of their favorite Bucket items and had a great time chatting and laughing during lunch. Ms. Short gave the students some wonderful words of advice, and Tammy Simone also shared some words of encouragement. The group downed almost an entire full-sheet cake for dessert before boarding the bus and going back to school for the afternoon.

Check out our facebook page for pictures from this really fun event!

Congratulations to the SHS Class of 2018 National Merit Semi-Finalists and Commended Scholars!

Anushree Aneja, Semi-Finalist
Katsuaki Arakawa, Commended
Taleen Avitsian, Commended
Vinay Bodapati, Commended
Sydney Bolomey, Semi-Finalist
Margaret Brown, Commended
Jared Ebenstein, Commended
Hailey Erkkila, Commended
Joseph Feng, Semi-Finalist
Margaret Ferris, Commended
Michael Foley, Semi-Finalist
Geoffrey Gao, Semi-Finalist
Luisana Gonzalez, Semi-Finalist
Taylor Grant, Commended
Yi-Xiao Huang, Commended
Elizabeth Hurst, Commended
Pranav Iyer, Semi-Finalist
Aman Jain, Semi-Finalist
Milan Jain, Commended
Vikas Jain, Commended
Vivian Jiang, Semi-Finalist
Shivani Kaw, Commended
Mona Khalafi, Commended
Maria Kloboves, Commended
Anmol Kumar, Commended
Adrienne Kvaka, Commended
Adesh Labhasetwar, Commended
Anirudh Lagisetty, Commended
Jasen Lai, Commended
Sean LeBlanc, Commended
Megan Lebowitz, Commended
Sarah Lim, Commended
Cassidy McColl, Semi-Finalist
Nicholas Molina, National Hispanic Scholar
Elijah Phipps, Commended
Pauline Povitsky, Commended
Justin Prindle, Semi-Finalist
Luke Qin, Semi-Finalist
Emily Rabinovich, Semi-Finalist
Vivian Ren, Semi-Finalist
Rachel Rothschild, Semi-Finalist
Jacob Schuman, Commended
Gabrielle Sudilovsky, National Hispanic Scholar
Jessica Uguccini, Commended
Mayura Umapathy, Commended
Max Wang, Commended
Madison Wessler, Semi-Finalist
Aidan Williams, Commended
Alice Wu, Semi-Finalist
David Ye, Semi-Finalist
Jakin Zhang, Commended
Steven Zhou, Commended
Lewis Zou, Semi-Finalist