Supporting The Bookstore

stack of booksHelp Support Our Efforts!  Buy books from Academic Boosters!

Much of the money we use to support our programs comes from our students purchasing their English and social studies reading books through the bookstore.

It is also one of the primary ways we fund our scholarships!

Click here to go to the Second Quarter Books.

A few reasons to shop at the high school bookstore:

  • It’s convenient! Find the bookstore just outside the senior commons in the hallway by the cafeteria.
  • The bookstore has the titles the students need, when they need them!
  • They are open during school hours.
  • It is the edition of the book the students needs for class!
  • Everyone will be using the same edition.
  • You pay only list price and you don’t pay sales tax.
  • It helps the Academic Boosters Club raise money for scholarships, academic, awards and student recognition.